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CALIPIGE is a high range swimwear brand created by two sisters in January 2014 

Natives of Martinique, for these two young sisters swimsuits are like a second skin; that's why they decided to embark in this creative adventure with products exclusively manufactured in France and specifically studied to fit the four main body shapes found in 95 % of women : A,H,V,X.

 Their goal is to play with volumes to balance the figure and enhance the assets women want to show, while improving the critical areas and doing so with fashion.

 CALIPIGE is a young brand, extremely feminine, with vitamin colors, that combines a graphic design and performance materials to create the perfect style.



CALIPIGE comes from the term Callipygien meaning "which has nice buttocks" - a legend from the Classic Antiquity.  

The Venus Callipygien is a particular type of Greek statue, represented by a woman pushing up her peplos in order to catch a glimpse of her buttocks undoubtedly breathtaking !

 One of the most famous statues of this type is owned by the archaeological museum of Naples.

 There is also a Venus Callipygien in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.


The team


Frederique is eager, passionate and relentless. She loves shopping, reading magazines, reviewing blogs and spends most of her time doing so! She's always very enthusiastic and excited.... almost too much!She's quite impatient and can sometimes be bad-tempered and authoritarian. 


Constance is the voice of wisdom. She's very creative, has millions of ideas and loves - almost too much - being encouraged and inspired. She can sometimes be stubborn and hates contradiction.